Our Story

Welcome to Realistic Management Consultancy (RMC) a market research agency. If you have landed here, it means you are on a quest for quality, value for money, service, and timely delivery. Well, we are glad you dropped anchor here. RMC was incorporated in 2001, since then we have been serving a niche and discerning clientele across the Globe.

Our collective experience of over 50 years has taught us many things. How to grow meaningful relationships with our clients. How to build a reputation for reliability by maintaining the highest standards of quality.

RMC Founder and CEO Mr. Deepak Israni has over 35years of practical fieldwork experience in the MENA region and has successfully managed and executed over 5000 projects

And no, we are not fishing for compliments. But yes, we would like to think of ourselves as a rare species. It is just how we do things. It is our way of life.


Deepak Israni, BSc (Hons), LLB

Passionate about market research, In the research world, he has worked with large MNCs across the MENA region from 1981 until 2001. This experience has given him a good insight  into  market research operations in the MENA region and the understanding of local culture.

In the year 2001, he ventured out to form his own company Realistic Management Consultancy (RMC), which is now one of the most successful research agencies in the MENAT region. RMC is most sought after by the clients and is growing rapidly. He has got a vision of looking forward, he believes in innovation & is quick in  adapting to the the latest technology in the research industry.

Arab Consultant For The Arab World

Khalid Al Masabi
Insights Expert
Experience: ME&A
Language: Arabic and English

Over 23 years of experience in Marketing Intelligence & Research Insights. Headed the Marketing Intelligence team in Etisalat for 10 years. Additionally, worked for a leading market research agency in UAE – Qualitative – for 13 years.

Worked for a leading telecom operator in UAE and have developed different competitive techniques to monitor the telecom market locally and regionally in terms of products, services, and consumer market pulse.

In the research world, I worked with large MNCs across the ME&A like UAE, KSA, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, and Algeria.

Have handled both strategic and tactical research projects across diverse industry sectors covering Telecom, Tobacco, Banking, hospitality, FMCG, Education and Lubricants.

Being bilingual, I conducted over 3000 groups / IDIs, IHVs and online research among different nationalities / classes which helped better understand consumer mind sets.

Type of projects handled included usage and attitude studies, brand and advertising tracking, consumer journey, ad pre-testing, concept, and product testing, needs and satisfaction.

The most I enjoy is observing consumers’ behaviors as well as monitoring behavior on social media that helps translating it into actionable insights.

Why Us

Market Knowledge – Where Knowledge is Power

The cultural and economic dynamics of our region are ever evolving, but then, so are we. Our decades of market research industry expertise and in-depth market knowledge helps us to provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Keeping in mind the needs and demands of our clients, we have moved up the value chain in providing solutions and key products, resulting in more efficiency. Ultimately, it is all about ensuring quality, accessibility, delivery with the help of modern technology. We are available - every single time.

We are equally mindful of cultural sensitivities, we know the region and Middle East culture for more than 40+ years, so we are better placed more than anyone else in the region.

Our Focus



If something is to be done, it should be done right. Variables may change – geography, respondents, products, or services – but your fieldwork is the foundation that leads to your insights. Bad data can only lead to bad decisions, but good data can lead to great decisions. We strictly follow ESOMAR Field Quality Standards.


Communication touches everything that we do as a company. Our objective is to be a key delivery partner for our clients, not just a supplier. Our project managers are single points-of-contact that act as conduits from our client to our infrastructure, and vice versa. Again, it is all about ensuring quality, accessibility, delivery with the help of modern technology. We were one of the first to move our Qualitative & Quantitative Projects online.


Ultimately, our business is based on delivering value to our clients. We take pride in our responsiveness, dedication and delivery of excellent service that lead to superior value. We are honest and open in our dealings and seek to build collaborative relationships based on trust and confidence. We listen to anticipate our customers’ needs so we can be proactive with solutions. We value transparency at all stage for our client’s projects.


To be the most preferred innovative research agency in the region for premium, affordable, quality data deliverable on time, supported by the highest standards of service.

Quality Standards

We are members of Market Research professional bodies like ESOMAR, INSIGHTS ASSOCIATION & MRS. We follow the highest quality standards.

RMC adheres strictly to the Market Research codes of conducts laid down by European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR).

Some of our field standards (but not limited to are):

  • Extensive briefing sessions are held, followed by mock sessions.
  • Regular thorough field training procedures for new & as well for experienced interviewers to improve their field interviewing capabilities.
  • Further, pilot interviews are conducted with real respondents. This not only helps the interviews to be familiar with the actual interview environment, but also helps in giving important feedback to the Research Team on the field material.
  • Accompanied interviews: All new & less experienced interviewers are accompanied by an experienced Field Executive to give them on Field training.
  • Develop individually tailored quality control systems for each Project for continuous monitoring of Project work and to track the quotas, Project quality, schedules and interviewers progress.
  • CATI Interviewers are trained and monitored by Senior Executives.
  • Strict back-checking standards-minimum 30% of each interviewer work is back checked.
  • For Qualitative Projects we train recruiters on the recruitment criteria.
  • Before Focus Group or Depth Interviews a check is done with the recruited respondents to make sure that they fit the recruitment criteria.
  • Mystery Shoppers are trained on every project, no mystery shopper will visit the same store second time for at least 12 months.