Qualitative Research

Focus group or depth interview, RMC is your one-stop-shop for qualitative research! Full-service research solutions for your international & local projects including recruitment, viewing, facility bookings, moderation, and analysis. All projects are coordinated by a senior research team. We can provide a full range of qualitative services.

We have our own FGD facility at our Dubai office, with a one-way mirror and live streaming facility. Other location facilities are either owned or rented on an as-needed basis.

Skilled and trained qualitative bilingual moderators with in-depth knowledge of many industries can communicate effectively with business professionals and consumers alike, to produce relevant and informative results that match with your research objectives.

Years of experience allow us to convey key findings concisely and clearly, while still delivering a great amount of detail supported by quotes from respondents.

Qualitative Service Detailing

Focus Group

Face-to-Face and Online Focus Groups

We use digital live streaming platforms to conduct focus groups online

Online Bulletin Boards

Online bulletin board on digital platforms is creative and interactive, gleaning the best insights for exploratory research questions.

TDI’s & IDI’s

In-Depth Interviews (TDI’s & IDI’s)

We use digital live streaming platforms to conduct Depth Interviews online

Home Visit

Home Visits

In-home visits give clients added insight into the home environment and the real-life use of products and services. Many clients enjoy accompanying the researcher on an in-home visit, and some undertake the visit and interview directly.


Ethnography methods include direct observation, diary studies, video recordings, photography, and artefact analysis such as devices that a person uses throughout the day. Observations can be made anywhere from the user’s workplace, their home or while they are out with family and friends

Eye Tracking & EEG Technology

Eye Tracking & EEG Technology

We have Eye Tracking & EEG devices at our Dubai office Eye tracking is a sensor technology that monitors and measure eye activity when presented with a stimulus. (EEG) is becoming more important in neurophysiological research.

Paired Depth

Paired Depths

In qualitative research a paired depth interview is an interview conducted with two people. Often referred to as dyad.


We can recruit hard to reach respondents from all the nationalities and SEC. We also have the capability to recruit B2B kind of respondents including Healthcare workers.



We have very experienced multilingual moderators who can conduct groups in Arabic, English & other Asian Languages.

Topline and/or full reports

Topline and/or Full Reports are written by Researchers who have Several years of experience in report writing.

Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous Translation

We have a pool of Simultaneous Translators, who have several years of experience having pleased many clients on their translation skills.

Transcription of audios and/or videos

We have a pool of Transcribers, who have several years of experience in transcribing Groups & Depths.

Quantitative Research

Our quantitative research studies are based on pre-structured questionnaires which reach the target point aimed by the client. We offer our clients logistics which allows them to easily identify their consumers’ needs and expectations. Providing local market inputs to the Clients. Providing timely status updates to the Clients.

We have strict quality control methods. Interviewers are trained in detail on every project. Projects are tracked during fieldwork for quality and quotas. We are hands-on with every project schedule. We believe in delivering quality fieldwork on time.

Quantitative Service Detailing



It is the face-to-face data collection. An interviewer administers the questionnaire to the respondent and marks down answers on his smartphone or tablet. We use digital platforms which provide our clients data in real time with dashboards



We have trained CATI interviewers and they are monitored by experienced Executive for Quality Checks



Computer Assisted Web Interviewing, it is the web data collection. The respondent autonomously answers the interview on his computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other device with a browser. We do CAWI interviewing by sending links to the target respondents



The Pen-and-Paper (PAPI) F2F Interview method describes any survey where the initial data is collected using pen-and-paper rather than electronic devices. While many large-scale surveys now use CAPI methods. Pen-and-Paper surveys can be digitized by data entry in various digital platforms. We have experienced PAPI interviewers & data entry specialists

Street or Mall intercept

Street or Mall intercept

We use Tablets or Smart Phones for Street or Mall Intercept Interviews. We regularly conduct Customer Satisfaction Interviews at Sports Events, Entertainment Events, Exhibitions & Fairs, Malls & Exit Interviews for Brands, Banks etc.



We have experienced healthcare recruiters and moderators. We regularly conduct interviews for our clients with Hospitals, Specialist Doctors, Primary/Family Doctors, Nurses, Patients, Pharmacies & Diagnostic Centers.


In the last decade E-Commerce business has grown many folds. It has become a necessity for all the Brands, FMCG, Hospitality Business etc. to offer their products and services online or else lose their business to the competition. We have helped many of our clients on E-Commerce Studies both with Quantitative & Qualitative studies.

Product Test

We shall have your products tested by your specific target groups in real-life circumstances and conditions. Our product tests evaluate purchase intention, price acceptance, or market positioning. Based on these findings you can assess the potential of the tested products in the corresponding markets. A preliminary analysis enables you to minimize the risk of failure upon product launch. It also helps you to optimize your products during all phases of the product life cycle and to distinguish yourself from the competition. Our product tests are based on various market research methods, from CLT, In-Home Tests, Sniff Tests, Packaging Tests, Concept Tests, Usability Tests, User Experience, and Diaries up to Hybrid Methods – Quantitative as well as Qualitative.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Research is our multi-layered, objective control instrument to measure the performance quality at the Point of Sale from the customer’s perspective. We assess whether service and promotion standards have adhered to on-site based on realistic test scenarios. The results of this continuous evaluation reflect the internal services, as well as the competition and, are valuable. You can develop measures from these to improve your service quality as well as product placement and the positioning of advertising material. We have a large pool of experienced mystery shoppers for every business type

Customer Satisfaction

A Customer Satisfaction Survey is a questionnaire designed to help businesses understand what their customers think about their Products or Services, their Brand, and their Customer Support.

We have helped our several clients by conducting Customer Satisfaction exit interviews at Stores, Banks, Automobile Service Stations, Sports Events, Government Departments with their customers to understand what their customers think about their Products or Services, their Brand, and their Customer Support.

We have also conducted several telephonic Customer Satisfaction Projects for our clients.

B2B Research

B2B market research helps businesses to identify new development opportunities and threats in good time. We recruit and interview hard-to-reach decision makers. We have covered every industry vertical in many countries.

Data Processing

We offer data processing services using well recognized statistical tools and develop software solutions in accordance to each customer’s needs.
• Data entry
• Coding of open ends
• Data cleaning /Consistency
• Raw data
• Processed data
• Scripting
• Dash boards.